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Creation of a style profile

Style refers to a person's particular way of expressing themselves


Explanation of what kind of style suits you the best


Wardrobe Services

Stylist will evaluate your clothing choices.



Stylist will find items that correctly fit you and explain how every clothing piece looks and fits.

Be the Best Version of your self

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Wardrobe Services

Your stylist will organize and create outfits for you. Your stylist will also use a labeling system that is geared to your individual needs.

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Wardrobe Overhaul

Your stylist goes through your wardrobe, checks sizes, styles and fit. Your stylist will explain which items are great, which items require improvement and which items can we removed. Your stylists will then create your perfect style from existing pieces. New pieces can be added as needed.

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Career Dressing Solution

Your stylist will create the fabulous attire for work and the look based on your Individual needs. Helping with that perfect look for that interview.

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Special Events

Your stylist will handpick your perfect outfit for that special occasion.

You have a holiday party to attend, let's wow them in a fabulous outfit just for you. We can do all events from a black tie affair to summer time picnics. A fabulous look just for you.

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Personal Styling Solution

To achieve your desired look and dream wardrobe, by adding in clothes, shoes and accessories. Identifying your taste, body type and desired image. Achieving your unique style that makes you feel fabulous.

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