The Journey

My Vision, My passion

My name is Marie Hamilton. I grew up in and around the fashion industry. I was very fortunate to have had a mom who was an experienced, professional Runway Model in cities such as New York, and Washington DC.

While I was a young girl, I had the impressionable, life changing experiences of watching my mom during her runway fashion shows from the backstage! From this unique vantage point when I was very young I had the thrill of watching my mom change in and out of all the latest fashion. With excited eyes and growing anticipation I watched my mother transform herself into a new elegant, best version of herself. I also noticed that despite my mom’s stunning beauty, her transformations were never by chance. They were always done with efficiency and quickness of intention that could only be done through care and advanced planning.

As I grew, and kept watching my mom, I saw her plan and create new outfits for herself with each new week. In fact looking back at my memories of my childhood I think it was fair to say, few 6th graders had their own stylist, and yet I did. I was voted best dressed in my 6th grade class because of my mom’s personal touch into my outfits.

My Career and Expertise

Learning my mom’s touch for fashion and adopting her passion for it, I have worked as a fashion stylist for the past 10 years. It’s hard to say I work in fashion when I learned to love what my mom did for so many years.

My love has turned into my mission, and my mission is to enrich the lives of the blind, visually impaired, and disabled, so they may become the best version of themselves, through fashion.

It’s hard to imagine, and I feel I fall short in trying to do so, what it might feel like to wake up with the start of each new day and not have the ability to choose my clothes for the day.

The uncertainty of not knowing how a color or garment might look on me before I wore it was not familiar to me. Having to rely on friends, or family to assist me in choosing my outfit for the next day is something that myself and perhaps others would sometimes take for granted.

There are few people who have the luxury of hiring their very own stylist to assist and chose their outfits or have access to what’s new in fashion blogs, but for many people who are blind, or visually impaired that is simply not a luxury many can afford. “PS You Are Fabulous” is here to change all of this!

My vision, my passion, and experience are here to change how the world sees the blind, one outfit at a time.

You’ll no longer need to depend on family, or friends, you’ll be in all of the latest fashion trends. PS You Are Fabulous is here to assist with your fashion needs, so you can be the best version of yourself, independently!

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PS You Are Fabulous is here to assist with all your fashion needs. So you can be the best version of yourself, Independently!

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